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Oct 27 2010

Creating your profile

Hi Guys!

So you’ve joined YAWMA. Have you created a profile yet? If not, lets get started!

Go to yawma.net and click ‘My profile’ 

Show us who you are! Upload a photo, fill out your profile. Then you can follow other users outside of your YAWMA, review albums & tracks, and participate in the YAWMA Community Forums.

Have fun!

Sep 27 2010


Here are a few ways to get started with YAWMA once you have the Free App

 1. Explore the store!

Go to the YAWMA store within Facebook by clicking the YAWMA link in your Applications section. Explore our featured artists, get recommendations from your YAWMA network of friends, discover and sample new music & games. Click ‘Store’ to explore the rest of our catalog at www.yawma.net

2. Daily Deal

Everyone likes a good deal. Every day YAWMA gives you your own personalized Daily Deal… two singles, two albums, with a varied discount from 10-40%. Push the Button and see what you get! 

3. Streaming Sample

Every time you buy a song from the YAWMA store, a sample of the track streams through your newsfeed.  Click the play button to hear what people in your network have been buying.  Sampling what new artists your friends are listening to has never been easier!

4. Amplify your YAWMA 

Your YAWMA is your network of Facebook friends who you’ve invited to join YAWMA and are using the YAWMA app. The larger your network, the more recommendations you’ll receive from friends and the more you can profit from discovering and sharing. Go to the Amplify tab in the YAWMA App to Bookmark us, Invite Friends, Find our widget, Add the YAWMA tab to your FB profile.

5. How YAWMA Profits Work

Buy a track or a game and if anyone in your YAWMA network buys it too, YAWMA gives you 8% of the profits. And when you spend at least $5 in a calendar month, you make 8% on all products purchased in the first 2 degrees of your network. $10, 8%, all products, all 3 degrees. By sharing the profit, YAWMA rewards users for the exposure they give to the independent artists in our store.  Discover new songs, Share them automatically through FB, Profit from what you and the people in your YAWMA purchase. Please make sure you have added your PayPal address in the My YAWMA section so you can receive your rewards!

6. Community 

Create a profile,  Comment on albums, tracks, and message boards, ‘Follow’ other YAWMA users outside of your network. 


7. Pay What You Want

Pay What You Want, or PWYW, is a new payment concept that is quickly becoming a bit of a phenomenon. As applied, PWYW means YOU gets to decide how much to pay for a given item, including $0 if you decide you want it for free. This feature only exists where the artist has decided to let fans decide what they think the product is worth.  The concept was first popularized 3 years ago when Radiohead released an album on their website using this model to great financial success. 

Once again, Thanks for joining YAWMA. Please feel free to write us with any questions or comments! christian@yawma.net


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